How Tumble Dryers Work

In ancient times clothes were washed in ponds, lakes and rivers which were the sources of water. After washing the clothes it had to be dried. The wet clothes were placed under the influence of hot sun and were dried using manual methods like clothes line or clothes horse. The growth in technology and new inventions helped users in automating the drying process. The device that was invented to carry out this drying process automatically was named dryers.

A tumble dryer is also known as clothes dryer lg dryer repair pasadena. It is found in almost every household. It is mainly used to dry the clothes that are washed cleanly. It is used to dry hand washed clothes or clothes that are washed in a washing machine. Almost all traditional dryers use hot air to dry the clothes. The traditional dryer gathers air around them and the normal cool air is heated before it is passed through the tumble.

The tumble, through which the air passed, is rotated so that the gap is widened between the clothes. This enables the air to reach every part of wet clothes. The traditional dryers that were invented initially used air to dry the clothes. The design of the tumble dryer that uses air consists of the following.

• A rotating drum that contains the clothes.
• A electric gas heater that heats the air before it is actually passed through the drum
• An Exhaust Vent through which the water gets exited in the form of vapor from the wet clothes.
Technically the dryer works as follows
• The washed clothes are placed in the drum. The drum will not start rotating until the door of the dryer is shut and the timer knob is set
• Once the timer knob is set, it sets off the electric motor. The power of the electric motor drives the drum rotating and is also responsible for driving the blower.
• After some rotations, the heating element (electric gas) is turned on that heats air. The temperature gradually raised and it is monitored by a thermostat. The heating element goes off once the temperature reaches the threshold level.
• The water in the form of a vapor or moisture is exited through a filter or an exhaust vent
Later, the growth after traditional dryers has seen the invention of airless dryers that come in various designs and use different methods to dry the clothes.

Spin dryers are one form of vent less dryers that can be used to dry the clothes. They differ from the traditional dryers and do not use air to dry the air thus saving energy and time. They just extract water from wet clothes by spinning the drum. The spinning speed of drum might me 3,200 revolutions per minute. They also occupy small space rather than the traditional dryers. The whole process carried out in a spin dryer takes just three minutes to dry the clothes. The extracted water can be drained through a drain pipe which is attached with the dryer.

Condenser dryers are very much useful in places that do not have a ventilated area. Condenser dryers are more similar to the traditional dryers. The moisture produced in the traditional dryers are not recycled but in the condenser dryers they are recycled and the moisture is condensed to water and are exited through the vent. Condenser dryers use a special device called heat exchanger to condense the moisture collected.

The moisture that is collected from the wet clothes is passed to a chamber and it runs through a loop where it gets condensed. The heat exchanger uses normal air as the coolant to condense the moisture produced from the wet clothes. The condensed water can be exited through a drain pipe or it can share a common drain channel with the washer to drain the waste water. Condenser dryer require only minimum energy when compared to the traditional dryers.

Heat pump dryers use active heat exchangers when compared to condenser dryers which use inactive heat exchangers to condense moisture. The moisture from the drum is passed immediately to the heat exchanger which condenses the moisture using a normal air. The process here in heat pump dryers takes place at a higher rate when compared to condenser dryers.

Mechanical steam compression dryers are varied form of heat pump dryers. It uses water gathered from the wet clothes for the drying rather than using hot air. Initially the contents of the drum are heated at 100 °C. The moisture or steam is produced as a result of heating. As the vapor exits the drum, it is compressed and it is heated before it is looped back to the drum. Thus more heat is generated which eventually dries the clothes.


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